Beautiful But Depressed

January 1st, 2002

“Why I am so unhappy if I’m so beautiful?”


Liam’s Answer

My guess is there’s some other factor in your life apart from your beauty that is causing you unhappiness and distress.

This is possibly because you are not rich. Or that you’re single and wnat to go through life’s journey with a soul mate. Or that you picked a soulmate, and he’s turned out to be a doofus.

Possilbly you’re unhappy because you have no blemish that you can blame all your troubles on. Like, I can blame everything that goes wrong in my life on the fact that my left ear is slightly higher than my right. Not by much. A millimetre. I know. I measured it. And on my ugly days, it makes me look like a total freak.

But at least I can blame everything on it.

Didn’t get the promotion. It’s because of my uneven ears.

Didn’t get the girl. The ears again.

Didn’t like the salad. It’s the ears.

By fixating all my problems on my ears, I can get on with my life.

But you. You’re beautiful. Anything that goes wrong in your life is your fault. You can’t blame your ears, so you have to blame yourself.

And that leads to self-loating and unhappiness.

I suggest you ask a freind to throw sulphuric acid on your face. The hiedous scarring will give you something that you can blame your woes on, and voila, happiness is assured.

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Beautiful But Depressed