Bad Hair Day Ideas

November 1st, 2003

“I need some bad hair day ideas.”

jada k

Liam’s Answer

I recently grew my hair from a buzz cut, just to use up the last little remnants of some “product”, then when the product ran out, shaved it off again. So I’m not sure I’m the person to ask.

But, when the product was still in the jar, and I had the long hair, my technique for a bad hair day was to call in sick to work, and spend the rest of the day in bed.

Chris’ Answer

Bad hair cays are awful. They make you depressed. It’s a little known fact that the two kids in Columbine only started shooting because they both were having trouble with getting their fringes to sit right.

When I have a bad hair day, I make sure the guns are locked in the cupboard, and make sure my flatmate takes the key with him to work. He’s bald, so the world is safe.

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Bad Hair Day Ideas