Am I Too Tall?

May 24th, 2003

“I’m eighteen and 6’3”, I don’t think I’ll grow anymore, I haven’t in three years. But the problem is that I feel freakishly tall! And I wonder if any girl my age would find that attractive.

My question is for the ladies: is 6’3 too tall for a boyfriend?”

Albert Gordon

Liam’s Answer

Not being a lady, I have to say that I can’t actually answer on their behalf. But, you may be onto something. I’m 6’3″, and I’ve gone most of my life being single.

My friends tended to put it down to my personality and general poor looks.

But I’m on your team. It’s the height.

My suggestion for you is to amputate your feet just above the ankle. This will make you about 5’11” – a much less imposing height. It’s a move that’s guaranteed to make you much more attractive to women.

Which is just as well – without feet, you won’t be able to run after them.

Chris’ Answer

I’ve never heard of anything more ridiculous than women being turned off by tall men. Everyone’s the same height lying down. Except really fat people, obviously.

If you’re concerned about being too tall, then I suggest you undertake activities that mask your height. Make sure, for example, that you always sit down in nightclubs, and never, under any circumstances stand up to dance.

Girls may find you boring, but at least they won’t be worried about your height.

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Am I Too Tall?