Alarm Not Waking Me

November 9th, 2001

“This is a funny problem but it’s quite important for me.

As I have to wake up at 7am to be on time at school I have an alarm clock. Everything should be ok, but it’s not!

After about 2 months going to school and waking up at 7 am exactly- I simply don’t hear it anymore- I’m kinda used to it and it makes me no difference, actually I can’t even remember if it went on or not when I wake up and run to school.

So what can I do to be on time?”


Liam’s Advice

Alarm clocks are the worst invention in the world.

When they work, they tend to ruin perfectly good dreams. And when they don’t, your day starts as a nightmare.

The trick is to completely stop using an alarm clock to wake you up.

That’s right. Throw it away.

Instead, I recommend you stay up all night. That way, when 7:00AM does arrive, you’ll already be awake.

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Alarm Not Waking Me