Addicted to Farmville

September 27th, 2010

“I am addicted to Farmville.”

Chris’ Answer

This is exactly the type of question I would expect from a person addicted to Farmville – too busy to even write your name whilst sowing, growing, plowing, earning coins and pissing off all your Facebook friends with constant updates.

There’s 100 million actual farmers across the planet right now struggling to make ends meet and I’m sure they are really fascinated by how quickly you can grow and sell a digital crop and make enough coin to buy a cow and put food on the table. I’m sure they weep for your addiction.

Clearly you have an addictive personality, and the only recommendation I have for you to wean yourself off Farmville is to try heroin. You’ll love it even more and it doesn’t have automatic status updates.

Addicted to Farmville