15 and Pregnant and I Want Him To Stay

November 11th, 2006

“Well I am 15 years old and I think I’m pregnant.

I just need to find a way to tell my boyfriend without him leaving me.”

Kayla Perry

Chris’ Advice

Teen pregnancy is best faced with your partner.
You have important decisions to make, like which is the best school for you
and your
school-age child to attend in a few years time, whether to get married and
divorce at 20 or 21, and whether you should spell your daughter’s name
Patience, or Pashence, or Payshense.

I’m pleased that you want to tell your boyfriend in a way that makes
him want to stay with you.

His biggest fear will be that while your pregnant, the under-age sex will
stop. Many pregnant women report a reduced sex-drive.

You need to address his fears. Tell him that the sex will stop with you,
but that he’s free to sleep around with all the other girls in your class
until your horny again.

If he’s got any brains at all, he’ll see this as the best offer of his
life, and pledge to be with you forever.

Then, spread the word around school that his penis is tiny, and really
stuff up his life.

Why not? He’s stuffed up yours.

Liam’s Advice

Have you thought of getting your dad to point a shot-gun at him while you
break the news?

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15 and Pregnant and I Want Him To Stay