Uncontroversial (But Funny) Bumper Stickers

February 1st, 2007
I love NY, but no more than any other combination of two letters

This 'I love NY' sticker is designed not to offend people who live in other places.

Road rage is a real problem. People get infuriated in their cars, leap out at the next traffic lights, and beat the hell out of the driver in front of them. It can be for overtaking dangerously, flipping the bird at them, or simply having a bumper sticker that says something offensive like “Don’t laugh. It could be your daughter locked in my trunk.”

In a recent poll, we discovered over 95% of road rage incidents were caused by offensive, overly-sweet, or just plain lame bumper stickers.

In an effort to stem the flow of violence, we’ve developed some bumper stickers that won’t be quite so controversial.

  • Jesus saves. Other deities also promise similar benefits.
  • Vote 1 Republican. Or Democrat.
  • Honk if you love noise pollution.
  • Jesus lives. Possibly.
  • My other car is a car.
  • No nukes! (Until safety concerns about nuclear waste are properly addressed, or oil reaches $100 per barrel).
  • I love NY, but no more than any other combination of two letters.
  • Elivs lives in the hearts of his fans.
  • Hillary Clinton for President. Or runner-up.
  • Make love, not war, but only if you’re in a stable relationship.
  • Vote 1 Barak Obama, or another candidate whose policies you agree with.
  • Money can’t buy happiness, but it makes people like you.
  • End the war in Iraq (in the fullness of time).
  • I can’t read Chinese, but I sure can buy it.
  • Mum’s Taxi Service. $1 for first 1/23 mile, $2.50 each mile after.
  • I brake for things that would damage my car if I hit them.
  • Dyslexics Unite.
  • Think global. Act in a blockbuster movie.
  • Say “No” to drugs, unless you want them.

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Uncontroversial (But Funny) Bumper Stickers