Where Do Socks Go In The Wash?

April 12th, 2000

Everyone has suffered the misfortune of putting on a load of washing, and losing a sock.

Where do they go?

Following a hunch, the Gorskys conducted an experiment, and confirmed their theory: Missing Socks turn into shaggy dog toothbrushes.

The experiment is pictured below.

Time – 7:30 am

The two socks are photographed. Notice that neither sock is smiling; this is a serious experiment.

2. Time – 7:48 am

Chris Tomkins prepares the socks for washing.

3. Time – 7:54 am

Chris places the socks into the washing machine.

4. Time – 8:03 am

Chris follows the manufacturers recommendations and uses 1 cup of detergent. Note how this is around 9 million times the average household detergent usage per wash.

5. Time – 8:13 am

Chris waits for the washing to finish.

6: Time – 12:42 pm

Chris is still waiting. Washing at home seems to take as long as at the laundromat (see experiment of 13 October 1995).

7. Time – 12:54 pm

Chris removes the washing and discovers that one sock has turned into a shaggy dog toothbrush.

8. Time – 1:00 pm

Liam pulls a funny face to prove the experiment has increased his shaggy dog toothbrush collection.

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Where Do Socks Go In The Wash?

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