The Gorskys Rehearsing

March 2nd, 1999

Peek-cam reveals a day in the life of The Gorskys’ rehearsals.

Photos from a peek-cam set up to document a rehearsal session reveal just how much hard work comedy can be.

12:45 pm – Waiting for inspiration

1:17 pm – Still waiting for inspiration.

1:23 pm – Inspiration comes.

2:03 pm – Inspiration reveals itself to be a very bad idea involving how difficult it is to put a whole moose in your hair each morning.

4:45 pm – Not much more has happened.

7:04 pm – Chris farts.

7:05 pm – Liam tests Jo’s temperature as Chris pretends nothing happened.

7:06 pm – The smell hits.

7:07 pm – Liam sensibly suggests evacuation.

7:13 pm – Stupefied by the fumes, Jo takes a little longer.

7:54 pm – The couch is dead from suffocation.

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The Gorskys Rehearsing

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