Party Theme Ideas

April 1st, 2001
A man playing chess alone

A chess-themed party. Guests=1

As we move further away from Christmas, parties are getting less focussed. A party without a reason is a boring party. And there is nothing more likely to lose you your friends than being known for forgettable dull parties.

To be memorable, you need a great theme. “Red”, “Medieval” and “Goldfish” are some of the crappest theme parties we’ve been to.

So, we offer some party theme ideas that are guaranteed to go off like a fire-cracker in a munitions factory.

  • Mass Murderers – think Jim Jones, and replace the punch with poisoned Kool-Aid for a party that may well be the last one your friends ever attend.
  • Come As Yourself parties can make for an interesting change.
  • Teddy Bares – everyone comes as a naked bear.
  • Buck’s Night – the theme is to turn up, get drunk, then strip the buck naked and tie him to a tree. Even more memorable when one of your friends is about to get married.
  • Leather and Lace – guests wear leather and/or lace underwear.
  • Lather and Lace – guests wear soap for underwear.
  • Cowabunga! – come as your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle. Really separates the losers from the cool people. Anyone who turns up in a costume can be safely ignored forever more.
  • Stay Up All Night – all male guests are given two Viagara pills on arrival.
  • Welcome to Dumpsville – everyone has to dump their lover and find a new partner for the night. great to hold if all your friends seem to be getting a little bit ‘cosy’, or you’ve been to one to many “Bucks Night” theme parties.
  • Saturday Night Alone – everyone stays at home. Incredibly cheap to cater. All you need is one bottle of whisky and a pizza.
  • Hannibal – everyone is required to bring their own elephants.
  • Surprise! Surprise! – Issue invtiations for a party at someone else’s house. It’s even better if you don’t know the person who lives there.

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Party Theme Ideas