Iron Man Facts

July 1st, 2008
Iron Man likes his coffee really hot

Iron Man likes his coffee really hot.

Summer blockbusters don’t get much bigger than Iron Man, released to critical and general acclaim, with Robert Downey Jr in the lead role as a man who builds a suit of iron. It was all a lovely piece of fiction and made a whack-load of cash at the box office.

But fiction aside, here are some little known facts about the actual Iron Man.

  • Iron Man coughs rivets and sweats WD40.
  • Iron Man eats forks and knives for dinner.
  • Iron Man sprinkles iron filings on his cappuccino.
  • Rust is herpes to Iron Man.
  • Iron Man whizzes slag and poops rail pins.
  • Iron Woman is Iron Man’s girlfriend and Iron Dog is Iron Man’s dog.
  • Iron Man’s birthday cake is frosted with thumbtacks.
  • Iron Man sneezes metal shavings into his aluminium foil tissues.
  • Iron Man is at a bar every weekend trying to get lathe.
  • Ironically Iron Man does not iron his clothes, because they are made of iron. If he did iron his clothes, he would be Irony Man.
  • Iron man eats soup while it’s still in the tin.
  • Iron man had sex with a tank and made a Hyundai.
  • Superman is the man of steel. Steel is made from Iron. Therefore Iron Man must be Superman’s dad.
  • Iron Man can’t use video tapes because his magnetic field erases them.
  • Iron Man does not need iron supplements.

(Thanks to James and Ian for their assistance with this article).

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Iron Man Facts