Handy Home Money-Saving Tips

October 1st, 2000

Chris uses his pet pony to help save money.

Living in the noughties is expensive. As the rich get richer and the poor pay the rich’s taxes, it’s time to tighten your belt and save wherever you can.

Follow the Gorskys useful home money saving hints and pocket the savings.

  • Make your own glue by boiling down your pet pony.
  • Old jars can be used to fill up empty shelves.
  • Save money on laundry detergent by buying new clothes each week.
  • Girls, save money on battery purchases by growing your own cucumbers.
  • Ear wax can be used to grease squeaky hinges.
  • Get all your friends to install a tin can with a piece of string stretched to your house for low-cost communication.
  • Make a delightful long lasting table arrangement by putting a dead stick into a vase. Makes an excellent conversation piece.
  • Don’t throw out that belly button fluff. Six months of fluff is enough to insulate the average home.
  • An old pair of underpants can become a delightful tea-cosy. Makes an excellent conversation piece.
  • When moggy dies, have him skinned for a warm furry cap. Now, it’s not the cat in the hat; the cat is the hat.
  • Save on expensive oven cleaner by not using your oven and eating out every night.
  • A thimble of methylated spirits mixed with orange juice makes a refreshing summer beverage. Whatever you do, don’t smoke.
  • A personal security alarm mounted on your front door makes a great doorbell. Impress your guests. Scare away the Mormons.
  • Cut costs on matches by leaving your gas stove burning.
  • Save your used Band Aids® to stick posters on your wall.
  • Band Aid boxes can be flattened and stuck together to make exciting posters. Makes a great conversation piece.
  • Art lovers, stick a can of Campbell’s Soup to your wall, and claim it’s an Andy Warhol original.
  • To turn toast back into bread, scrape and soak in water.
  • Use both sides of the toilet paper.
  • Why waste money on a baby sitter? Lock your kids in a cupboard.
  • Paint colours on the leaves of your weeds to make them look like flowers.
  • No dishwasher? Try popping your dishes in the washing machine.
  • Save on power bills by replacing our high wattage light bulbs with broken ones.

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Handy Home Money-Saving Tips