George W. Bush: One Last Swipe

October 1st, 2008
Hippie George W. Bush smokes a giant joint and chills out as his reign comes to an end.

George W. Bush can pretty much do whatever he wants as his reign approaches an end.

We love to hate him, but George W. Bush’s reign is almost over as President of the United States of America.

During his time in office he managed to start a few wars, tank the economy, make a series of sensationally dumb remarks, alienate minority groups, ignore massive terrorist and natural disasters and win a suspiciously-close election.

He has also been a never-ending fount of material for satirists and comedians alike, especially those who run this publication (and we’re not even American!).

It’ll be a less-funny world when he goes, but probably a happier one.

So, in the last final gasps of his reign of terror, we’d like to farewell Dubya with a comprehensive list of just how evil George W. Bush years is… Add your own: it’s liberating…

  • George W. Bush ate the last Oreo.
  • George W. Bush killed Kurt Cobain and broke up Nirvana.
  • George W. Bush changes lanes without indicating.
  • George W. Bush causes cancer.
  • George W. Bush doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or Global Warming.
  • George W. Bush taxed the tooth fairy 50 cents in the dollar.
  • George W. Bush allowed Everyone Loves Raymond to continue to be produced after the first episode.
  • George W. Bush likes Shania Twain.
  • George W. Bush killed Bill Hicks.
  • George W. Bush told your mum about your porn collection.
  • George W. Bush encouraged Fox to cancel Arrested Development.
  • George W. Bush invented spam email.
  • George W. Bush eats babies.
  • George W. Bush enjoys the comedy stylings of Pauley Shore.
  • George W. Bush encouraged George Michael to hang out in that toilet cubicle.
  • George W. Bush thinks he is the ruler of the world.
  • George W. Bush killed Laura Palmer.
  • George W. Bush puts non-recyclables in recycling bins.

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George W. Bush: One Last Swipe