Effective Feng Shui Ideas

March 1st, 2003
An empty room.

Getting rid of all your furniture is great feng shui.

You’ve probably heard of Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese art of furniture arranging.

Having your house feng shui’d will keep you happy, wealthy and healthy.

Sadly, though, feng shui consultants charge an arm and a leg for advice that generally seems to boil down to “don’t put things in places you’ll trip over them”

But there’s no need to pay a fortune for bad and useless feng shui advice. This month, GORSKYS.COMedy shares some of our favourite tips.

  • Don’t put things in places where you can trip over them.
  • Placing iron bars on your windows will stop your money bearing ‘dragon energy’ from getting out the windows. It will also keep theives out and your video in.
  • A silk sheet placed on top of your couch will protect the couch from dust, and keep your ‘cockroach energy’ at bay.
  • Placing Oreos in a locked tin on the top shelf in the kitchen will help you control your ‘pig spirit’.
  • A remote control on your couch allows you to better commune with the Television spirits in your lounge room.
  • A can of Glen 20 in the bathroom kills the evil ‘Germ Energy’ in the air (and hides nasty odours).
  • Ensure there is a free flow of water energy in your sink by hiding the plug on your roof.
  • Blocking your ‘gutter energy’ can cause your roof to leak. Regular leaf removal will help you protect your investment in your home.
  • Placing a mirror on the inside of your front door will prevent your money-bearing dragon from leaving the house, and also allow you to check your teeth for parsley before heading off to the pub.
  • Knowing the influence of the four corners of the compass on your Chi energy is important if you don’t want to get lost when walking around in the bush.

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Effective Feng Shui Ideas