How To Tell If Your Company’s CEO Is Ripping You Off

August 1st, 2002
A Winnebago parked in the street.

You can tell your company is going broke if it moves office, and this is your new corporate HQ.

There seems to be a lot of shenanigans in the corporate world at the moment. Worldcom. Enron. Xerox. the list of companies guilty of corporate greed and dishonesty is long.

It makes it very hard for investors and employees. One day, things are going well. The next day, your savings are worthless and your out of a job.

This month, we look at some of the tell tale signs of whether your company’s CEO is ripping you off, and if it will go broke spectacularly before the end of the week.

  • Armed guards are suddenly posted at all the windows.
  • The CEO starts laughing nervously when you mention golden handcuffs.
  • Your corporate boardroom is used by the local scout group on Wednesday nights.
  • There’s a new auditor, and his first name is Arthur.
  • Your CEO trades in his Ferrari for a bus pass.
  • Your new, computer linked, IP telephone system is replaced with tin cans and string.
  • Your CEO changes his home address. . . to prison.
  • The office takes delivery of 120 industrial shredders.
  • Your receptionist is replaced with a cardboard cut out and a bell.
  • The toilet paper in the bathroom is replaced with a sign that says “BYO”.
  • Your company just posted a record sales revenue, but they sacked all the sales staff last year.
  • The IT department is replaced with the CEO’s 14 year old son.
  • Your work email account is transferred to
  • Last year’s Christmas party involved free champagne and caviar. This year, there’s free lemonade and a picture of a dinghy.
  • You’re a software develppment company and your boss announces a plan to outsource IT.
  • Your book keeper goes bald overnight. And she’s only 30.
  • Your company’s new revenue strategy is to sit outside railyway stations with a tin.
  • You work for an airline.
  • The CEO looks longingly at your sandwich.
  • Your CEO starts to spend a lot of time with three new ‘consultants’: “Fingers” Zabaglione, “Cruncher” Corleone, and “Don”.
  • Staff are encouraged to play the new poker machines in the lunch room.

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    How To Tell If Your Company’s CEO Is Ripping You Off