Party Games For Adults

January 30th, 2003

Hide the pimple. See if you can hide your acne without anyone noticing.

Kids seem to have all the fun at parties, don’t they. A bunch of five year olds experience more unbridled joy in a single birthday party than many adults experience in a year.


Because they play games.

It’s not fair, so we’re putting a stop to it. We’re introducing a new range of party games for adults that will be guaranteed to make your next party more fun than Christmas.

  • Who Spiked My Drink? – someone spikes your drink with Rohypnol, and you have to work out who it is before you pass out.
  • Hide and Seek – Hide from the annoying accountant who insists on explaining how goods and services taxes benefit all Australians.
  • Twister – Dance badly to 50’s music until you hurt your back.
  • Pass The Parcel – Re-gift a crap present to someone you hate.
  • The Waiting Game – Holding off having a pee for three hours for fear of the gorgeous specimen you’re flirting with finding someone more interesting to talk to.
  • The Weighting Game – Eating your own body weight in chicken wings and cheese cubes because you don’t want to look like no one is talking with you.
  • Pin The Blame On The Colleague – Pin the blame on your colleague.
  • Chinese Whispers – Start a vicious rumour and see how long it takes to get back to you.
  • Chinese Whispers II – Walk into a room blindfolded, and tell a secret, and pray you didn’t tell the person who it’s about.
  • Kiss Chasey – Find someone you want to kiss, get turned down, then pash everyone else at the party in a desperate attempt to make them feel jealous.
  • Human Pyramid – Get drunk enough to shag your mummy.
  • Tug of Waugh – Find a quiet room and masturbate to the cricket.
  • You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine – Share the contents of your wallet or purse with someone in the vain hope it will make you seem interesting and shaggable.

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Party Games For Adults