When we go cybersurfing, we find places that make us laugh. Below are the best.

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Other Gorskys places

Comedians’ Web Sites/Twitter (Australian)

Comedians’ Web Sites/Twitter (International)

  • the14thdisciple & Freands – Purveyors of fine comedy/novelty songs about helicopters and pet flies.
  • Jesse Gersten – Stand-up comedian, blogger, cartoonist, photographer and has never performed with Neil Hambuger.
  • Crunchy Frog Comedy – Internet “radio” show in RealAudio featuring original comedy sketches in the spirit of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
  • Comedy Factory – These Englishmen have made available original comedy sketches they hope you will want to perform. For free.
  • Improv Bandits – New Zealand comedy troupe. No scripts, no gimmicks, no safety net. This site is more for people wanting to book than laugh online.
  • Judy Carter’s Comedy Workshop – Learn how to do it from the author of Stand-Up Comedy: THE BOOK.
  • Noah’s Ark – A mostly improvised web site, maintained by Noah Gregoropoulos, with whom we had the pleasure of sharing a football match and dressing room during the 1996 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
  • Swinging Johnson Brothers – an improv comedy troupe, with lots of videos and photos on their site to keep you amused.
  • Terry Williams: Humourist, Comedian, Writer, Speaker, MC – A regular columnist with The Ticket magazine and a newly produced comedy CD, Terry Williams is a leading New Zealand comedy writer and humourist. He’s not crude. He’s no clown. Terry Williams is a clever, business-savvy satirist and comedian.
  • Wes Borg – A comedian from Edmonton, Canada who seems to have every page in his site on a different server. See the WesCam in action! Wes is also a member of Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie.
  • Yafflesnick – A ton of ‘parental guidance’ comedy at their MP3.com site
  • Z-Axis TV – Bordering on entertainment.
  • Corporate Entertainment & Meeting Planning – The Water Coolers – The Water Coolers is a New York based comedy group that delivers hilarious songs & sketch comedy. Our corporate comedy acts give meeting & event planners the flexibility of planning a corporate event to include entertainment while achieving the meeting objectives.

Comedy Festivals

Comedy Clubs

These sites have listings of who’s on, when and how much, etc.

  • Comic’s Lounge – North Melbourne’s home of the hilarious.
  • Comedy Catch – In Chatanooga, Tennessee, USA. We didn’t know that Chatanooga was actually a place.
  • Dockside Comedy Bar – Brisbane, Australia
  • The Comical – Not actually a club, but rather a newspaper about stand up comedy that you can read in comedy clubs (or online).

Satirical Webzines & Newspapers

  • Almost All In Good Fun – A neat, illustrational use of satire.
  • The Bladder – Real journalists ignore their sources to create a site where “just because it didn’t happen, doesn’t mean it isn’t true”.
  • The Chaser – These guys are funny on the web and even funnier in print, and often causing trouble on TV. From Sydney, but don’t hold that against them.

Fun Sites

  • Acid Radio – Online radio , pimp style.
  • A D & D Sex Guide – A must for mature Dungeons & Dragons fans. Beware, the file is about 350K.
  • Amused.com – A very amusing web site.
  • Anna Fans – Get your dose of Anna Kournikova.
  • Avery Ant and his One Minute Rant – A little animated ant rants for a minute and is very funny. We don’t rate sites, but it we did, this would get three stars.
  • Backwashzine – GoiterCam and other amusingly grotesque stuff.
  • Bell Labs Text to Speech Demo – Type in what you want, and the Bell Labs folk will immediately record Steven Hawking saying it, and send you the file. Amazing. Use the internet to replicate the functionality of your Mac OS!
  • Book-A-Minute – Who’s got time to read these days. This site neatly summarises books so you can pretend.
  • CIA Terrorism Busters – In this era of accurate dissemination of information and clearly-defined conflict, the CIA understands the awesome potency of an effective logo. This is on the CIA’s official site.
  • Chris’ Little Bit Of Cyberspace – It’s actually quite big, and it’s made by Chris.
  • Cloud 10 – A web-design studio that will sell you it’s cartoons.
  • Coincidence Design – seen a girl you want to marry? These guys will set it up
  • Die Screaming With Sharp Things In Your Head – These guys make sure garden gnomes come to a horrible end.
  • Dr Brown Ale – general weirdness, with an intersting cast of characters.
  • Driving Do’s And Don’ts – A very well observed (and funny) Flash animation that’s well worth the download.
  • Elbow World – Very bizarre pictures, cartoons, and video clips.
  • Eric Conveys An Emotion – Send Eric an emotion, and he’ll photograph himself conveying that emotion. This is your chance to see what “bemused resignation” looks like. A must for all actors.
  • Excordis Productions – The production company making Pisces, ARISE! (See below).
  • Gaspirtz.com – Cartoons for those who like their humour visual.
  • GeekChic – How geeky can you get?
  • Giggles – what do you want to laugh at today?
  • Greg Dean’s College Of Comedy Knowledge – Learn to write comedy by the book. Has a useful glossary of comedy terms. Greg has codified and systematised comedy, and worked on Saturday Night Live. What more can we say.
  • Gorsky.com – The home page of some people who are real Gorskys.
  • Hecklers.com – some great interactive laughs.
  • Ian’s Footy Frenzy – this is one of the funniest and most informative sites about Australian Rules Football (AFL) in the world. It’s even funny if you don’t follow the sport.
  • Icebox.com – The Hidden Celebrities are hilarious and make us jealous.
  • Joe Kohl – Outrageous cartoons and tee shirts by veteran cartoonist Joe Kohl
  • Joking Around – jokes, funny pictures, and easter eggs. Hmm.
  • Just Toilet Paper – More toilet paper prints than you can poke a shit at.
  • Kim & Jason – Return to childhood with Kim & Jason, a comic strip by Jason Kotecki.
  • Kenny Says – someone listened VERY closely to Kenny on South Park. Kenny has a foul-mouth.
  • My Virtual Reference Desk – Humour on the Net.
  • Naked News – the news with nothing to hide. Liam’s only complaint is that it’s difficult to concentrate on the girls with all that interesting news going on.
  • Netgrrl.com – Zeitgeist: Exploring the spirit of our times through news and commentary
  • Pisces, ARISE! – A short film that Chris did some color grading and sound stuff on.
  • Phone On The Cob – genuinely funny prank phone cals.
  • Planet Ian – This diary of an idiot in London is one of the funniest sites we’ve seen.
  • Primate Programming – ever suspected that your job can be done by a monkey. This company proves even computer programming is not beyond your average ape.
  • Psuedo Dictionary – A dictionary of purely invented words. Make up your own and send it in.
  • Randy’s Web WWWeirdness – A huge collection of weird sites, neatly arranged into drawers.
  • Rain For Morgan – A short film on which Chris was cinematographer.
  • San Diego Traffic Conditions – If you’re sick of wondering about traffic conditions on the San Diego freeway, here’s the cure.
  • Secret Diaries of Lord of the Rings – Find out what each of the member of the Fellowship were really thinking.
  • Sodaplay – Create funky little ‘animals’ that dance and move. Hours of fun.
  • Spacer UK – The lazy person’s i-mag.
  • Superglue Magazine – it’s not just about glue.
  • Suspended Animation – want to find out if a comic’s any good before you shell out your hard earned cash? This review site is just what you need.
  • Strange Error 404’s – some of the oddest Page Not Found error messages around.
  • Tardum Mudrat – regular cartoon following the exploits of Tardum and Myra Mudrat. And don’ they keep busy.
  • The Funny Firm – Use their stuff, and people will laugh at you. A resource for comedians, and it’s free.
  • The Geek Theatre – Geeky but theatrical at the same time.
  • The Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool – Who won’t make it through the year? Place your bets. Imagine how rich you’d be if you backed Diana in ’97.
  • Therpo.com – It’s dead silly.
  • Toxic Custard – don’t eat it, it’s a web site.
  • VENEW – These people gave Liam money to make an on-line interactive comedy called Fishing for Love. There’s lots of good stuff, too.
  • Vlad Kolarov – Heavy-weight champion in humourous illustration.
  • Walnut Smoothie – A career personality test with a difference.
  • Weird Emma – Flash animations about the life of Weird Emma, spider killer, aligator shooter, and all round nice girl.
  • Weird Site – Lots of sites are weird; this is one.
  • X-Titles – If you’ve been inspired by finding your X-Men Genetic Mutation, then this site is for you.
  • 101 Funny Links – 101 humor sites
  • Military Intelligence and You – Satirical war training film.

Comedy News & What’s On

Music Sites

  • The Gorskys on MP3.com.au – not as funny as this one, but still ours.
  • Webkrawler – a collection of funny sound files from all over the web.
  • Supertom Fun Site – wavs, wavs, wavs, and then more wavs.

Jokes Sites

Freebie Sites

You might be able to pick up something excellent at the perfect price at these freebie sites:

Millennium Hype Sites


These sites, for one reason or another, have some relation to GORSKYS.COMedy

  • SoMuch.com – Popular Internet Links directory focused mainly on Computers and Programming but also covers humor, entertainment, news, Medical, Real Estate and Property, Travel, Timeshare and Cruises, Fitness and Bodybuilding, Music and Graphics. Links are updated daily.
  • Directory organized by subject, including Humor.
  • Down Under Index

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