Liam Cody

Liam Cody

Liam Cody passed away on Tuesday 28th August 2007 after a lengthy struggle with cancer. (see memorial page here)

Liam was the brains of The Gorskys. Since Chris is the better looking one, that’s all that was available.

He was a comedian, writer, producer, actor, web-developer and retired lawyer.

Liam had a serious side. In 2003, he was a member of an industry working group that advised the Australian Capital Territory on setting up a film, television and multimedia office. Not surprisingly, the working group suggested that the ACT goverment give it a lot of money. Less surprisingly, they set up the office, but gave it a lot less money than requested.

Liam is the voice of Terrence in “The Adventures of Terrence & Spider, Professional Bouncers”.

He created a multimedia, interactive comedy called ‘Fishing For Love’, for which he received a government grant. .

Liam went to the 1996 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he reported for ABC Radio, and drank over $800 worth of Guinness.

Liam was also a qualified solicitor. He retired from soliciting in 1994, and made a much more meager living from comedy, and selling his internet design skills to the highest bidder in shameless acts of prostitution.