You may be asking yourself, “What the hell is this website”?

And it’s a fair question.

GORSKYS.COMedy is both a historical archive of the work of the Melbourne comedy group, The Gorskys from 1992 – present day and a comedy “ezine”.

Some of the content you find here will be very old – especially the audio and video content (because the Gorskys no longer perform live or on TV – haven’t done since 2005), but we’ve tried to keep at least the articles and the “Ask the Gorskys” sections regularly updated.

The site is now primarily created and maintained by Chris Tomkins following the passing of the “other” Gorsky, Liam Cody, in 2007.

If you like it, submit your own ideas, tell some friends and buy us a beer. We could really do with one.

Chris Tomkins
June 2010