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Hirsuit Issues

May 27th, 2008
 Hirsuit Issuesheres the deal… i dont know how to say it but i have the most great ammount of facial hair. no matter how hard i try whether it be stubble or not it always returns to twat. i often use mach 3 turbo but it does not do the trick.. as you know by my name i More...

To Pube Or Not To Pube

May 8th, 2004
 To Pube Or Not To PubeDo guys prefer pubic hair or no pubic hair? More...

Monobrow Blues

February 15th, 2003
 Monobrow BluesI shaved between my eyebrows, coz everyone called me monobrow and now i have broken out in spots. Do they ever go away? People give me all the “lets have a spot of tea” jokes and its noy funny anymore!!! More...