Avril Lavigne

March 23rd, 2003

Avril Lavigne jams on drums with Chris and Liam

Why’d Ya Have To Go And Make The Beat So Complicated? – The Avril Lavigne Years

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in September 2002, when Avril Lavigne popped in to practice her Satan’s Horn moves with Chris and Liam.

“She’d almost mastered it, so we thought we’d have a little bit of a jam session,” remembers Liam. “I decided to teach her my latest song ‘Constipated’.

“Avril said it was too juvenile, but she was only a teenager, so what would she know? Sadly, it was the start of the end of our friendship. I told her she was a no talent, over packaged overnight sensation. She vowed to prove me wrong and ran out of the house crying. What a loser.

“Of course, her ability to change one little lyric and win an MTV Music Award has to be admired.”

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Avril Lavigne  

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