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May 5th, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday to us!gorskys-small

Back in 1995, two inquisitive HTML virgins tried to make jokes on the world wide web. Who knew 21 years later, there’d still be a world wide web? Nostradamus, for sure. 

One of the world’s first e-zines, it was once nominated for a Telstra Award for Best Entertainment Website, was listed in the Top 27 Stoopid Sites, and won a Golden Web Award along with many other animated gif award statues.

top27stoopidsitesLike a funny, broken time machine that’s still referencing Seinfeld, Michael Jackson and Y2K, here you will still find an archive of articles dating back to 1995.

It doesn’t get updated very often at all now that that lazy Chris Tomkins has sole responsibility of running it, but perhaps, just perhaps, you still might find something hilarious in the 800ish exisiting articles that Google loves to ignore.

Keep in touch.

Feature Post