Media Releases

Here is a list of the press releases we’ve put out over the years.

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The Adventures Of Terrence & Spider – Professional Bouncers

Dot-comedians Liam Cody and Chris Tomkins break new ground with the world’s first interactive, fully animated comedy festival show for the 2002 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

March 2002


Dot-com-edians Liam Cody and Chris Tomkins are adding new meaning to the “international” part of the 2001 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. They are performing the world’s first totally web-based comedy festival show.

9 March 2001

Dot-Comedians Lauch Daily Web Show

Although the dot-com revolution is over, dot-comedians the Gorskys are proving there is still fun to be had on the Net. The group, who have been making the internet a funnier place since 1996, today announced the launch of their new, daily web comedy show, “Cheat Sheet”.

15 January 2000

Putting the COMEDY in DOT-COM

“With everyone on slow connections, the hardest thing about comedy on the internet is timing,” according to Liam Cody, a Melbourne-based comedian, and co-creator of GORSKYS.COMedy (www.gorsky.com.au).

15 October 2000

Welcome To Dumpsville

Press release for Chris and Liam’s 2000 Comedy Festival show.

April 2000

Licence to Fish

The story behind our CD.

December 1999

Comedians Make the Web a Joke

Melbourne comedy group The Gorskys arguably have one of the three most entertaining sites in Australia.

8 August 1999

How To Rob Banks

Press release for Chris and Liam’s 1999 Comedy Festival show.

April 1999

Name Change

The audience voted for a new name for the Toasted Marshmallows – the Gorskys.

August 1997