Starey Pants

May 27th, 2008

“Hi, There is a guy in my classroom he stares at me everyday. He was standing in front of my classroom and stared at me again. Once he was stretching his arm and he looked at me again. And again I saw him looking what I’m doing. It’s annoying. Please help me, does he’s attracted by from me or what? Thanks”

lovely girl

Adam’s Answer

It is extreamly clear that this dude likes you, which toally accounts for the creepy factor.

It’s a little known fact that when a bloke fancy’s a shella (can you tell I’m Australian yet) that we can actually become quite concerning. Stareing is the least of your problems at the moment, you wait until he plucks up the courage to come and talk to you because then your in a world of trouble.

He’ll proably awkwardly stalk up to you, mumble something unintellent, start crying becuase it’s not going well then run away. Classy dude.

I suggest a good old fashion bout of bitchiness. Tough Love I think they call it. Unless of course the dude is hot or actually a nice guy then maybe give him a chance.

You could always stare back… they hate that.

Adam McKenzie

Gavin’s Answer

I think he is trying to hypnotize you. Have you been unexplainedly clucking like a chicken or breaking into Elvis impersonations lately?

Gavin Baskerville

James’ Answer

Relax. From your description of his behavior, it sounds like he is simply having stroke. He will probably be dead or paralysed soon.

James Hazelden

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Starey Pants