Positive Feng Shui

June 10th, 2008

“i need ideas for feng shui in the house as im no happy in my own home because i can feel the negative energy etc please send me r tips thanks”

gema vun

James’ Answer

ITo truly keep a sense of peace and tranquility in your room, and focus the negative energy away from the space you need to glue your bed to the ceiling, smash your tables into fire wood and bury your wardrobe in a park.

This will keep the dragon from the door, and possibly result in criminal charges being laid.

James Hazelden

Gavin’s Answer

Dear Gema

You need to ensure that your imagination is aligned perpendicular to your superstitions and that your gullibility is always facing north. Oh, and make sure you keep your toilet seat down.

All the best

Gavin Baskerville

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Positive Feng Shui