Over-Protective Sex

June 16th, 2008

“I’m exiled in a far province. I want sex but only skuzzy locals will put out. Do I just wear two condoms when I have sex or what?”

spaz angel

James’ Answer

I think wearing two condoms is still a bit of a risk. Especially where skuzzy locals are concerned. I would also wrap my face in cling-wrap, wear rubber gloves and a full radiation suit before attempting sexual congress.

As for your exile, don’t worry. Our people are at work to return you to your rightful throne, majesty.

James Hazelden

Gavin’s Answer

Why bother with protection? If you’re stuck in a far of province surrounded by skuzzy locals, what have you got to live for?

Bang it til it falls off I say!

Gavin Baskerville

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Over-Protective Sex