Mum Is Dating Justin Timberlake

July 27th, 2003

“I dreamt that my mum was going out with Justin Timberlake. What does this mean?”

Hannah M

Liam’s Answer

If you’re incredibly unlucky, your have a psychic gift of predicting the future, and are seeing your future.

More likely, it’s just a nightmare. Don’t worry about it.

Chris’ Answer

In classical Freudian terms, Justin Timberlake represents medicority and the mundane.

In your dream, your mother is deeply involved with a life of under-achievement and unhappiness.

This is because you know that she is disappointed in you, and your lack of success in the world. You realise that she will never fully be happy until you make something of yourself.

Hannah, you need to kill Justin Timberlake. When you do, your mother will be free. And your dreams will be pure and happy.

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Mum Is Dating Justin Timberlake