Life Is Cryptically Wrong

January 1st, 2000

“I’m a kak. I don’t have a house. And my girlfriend is a cat.

What do I do?”

Jo’s Advice

Hmmm, very cryptic. By deciphering what you mean by this obscure message, I believe I will truly understand your character.

“I’m a kak” obviously refers to your lack of self-respect and confidence in your place in society. Do a course on “how to love yourself” and I don’t mean in a sexual way.

“I don’t have a house” clearly refers to your need to feel belonging, to your search for a place to fit in, a home, a place of rest. Take some time to really think about what kind of place you want this to be – with family, on your own, with opportunities to contribute to society, with no responsibilities, with a 72 inch stereo TV – and set about creating this place. Remember, only you can make the difference to your life.

“And my girlfriend is a cat”. Well we’ve all gone out with bitchy, feisty, whingy little things. I just hope she’s not fluffy as well. If you’re not happy with your pussy, perhaps you should consider “putting the cat down”, “taking it to the pound”, or “advertising in the Trading Post”.

It’s time to be proactive rather than reactive.

And stop being so fucking enigmatic – it’s really boring.

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Life Is Cryptically Wrong