Holding Hands In The Dark

January 1st, 2001

“Well lets say my friend Jim held my hand while watching a movie what does it mean?”


Liam’s Answer

Holding hands can mean a little or a lot. At the least, it means you don’t want someone to be run over by a car while crossing the road. I suppose it indicates a level of care.

There are other reasons people hold hands. For example, if Jim suspected that you were going to try to pick his pockets, he might want to hold your hands in order to know where they were.

But most likely, it meant he wanted to shag you.

When a person grabs my hand in a cinema, I always do two things:

1. Have a quick look at them to determine if I know them or not.

2. Revise my plan about stealing their wallet.

I suggest you do that too.

Chris’ Answer

I’d say it meant he was scared of the movie.

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Holding Hands In The Dark