Ex-Boyfriend Is Jealous

January 1st, 2002

“My ex-boyfriend treated me like crap and I got sick of it so I finally dumped him. Now he’s the only thing I think about.

But this weekend someone told me that he didnt like me anymore so I moved on and started to flirt with someone else. My ex got really pissed and he threatened to beat up the guy I was flirting with.

I dont understand because he talks so much shit about me to his friends.”

Emily Simson

Jo’s Advice

Basically this guy is a complete loser, egotist and bully, and you’re better off without him. I think you already know this, but for some reason you’re having trouble breaking the habit of thinking about him. (Fair enough too, I mean he’s such a charmer.)

You’d be better off thinking about anything else rather than this guy so I recommend the following:

  • Mad Cow disease – are you in danger
  • Breast implants – is it ever a wise decision
  • Why don’t the Simpsons ever age?
  • Is leather an essential wardrobe item or simply animal cruelty?
  • Will there be war in the Middle East?
  • Can Britney Spears really sing or is it post-production wizardry?
  • Who is going to win Survivor2

Answer these questions and you should be kept busy long enough to get over this creep.

Or at least to be an extremely knowledgeable and interesting person who should be able to pick up a far more eligible young man than Mr Nohoper.

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Ex-Boyfriend Is Jealous