Convince Him To Ditch Her

April 1st, 2004


I have a friend, who I’ll call Joe. He has been going out with a girl for about three months now. She has two other kids (both have different fathers).

Only one or two weeks into the relationship, he asked her to marry him, which she accepted.

He has quit his job, moved in with her, and she is now rejecting his affection, will not have sex with him, and constantly insults him and bosses him around. She even has once hit on me and asked me out (I did tell Joe about this), which I refused.

Joe still says “She’ll eventually come back to me. We’ll get married and things will change for the better.”

I have constantly advised him to move out of there, and ditch the girl, and he refuses and will not listen.

Any advice?”

Alex The Man

Liam’s Answer

No sex, no affection, she’s insulting and bosses him around. Are you sure they’re not already married?

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Convince Him To Ditch Her