Bad Grades – New Identity

August 17th, 2008

“I hate my myself. I get bad grades i wish i was somebody else like Chancho.”

gerrum gashaw

Gavins Answer

We all wish we were Chancho. I do, every day. Unfortunately, until those lazy scientists get off their asses and invent a mind swapping device, there is no way to become somebody else, let alone becoming Chancho.

Don’t worry about getting good grades. Most of my friends who got bad grades went on to become highly paid builders and labourers. I got good grades and I’m broke.

Trust me, ladies like money a lot more than brains. And if you make lots of money people like Chancho will hate you so you won’t have to hate yourself.

Go get ’em Tiger!

Gavin Baskerville

James’ Answer

Don’t feel bad. I have it on good authority that Chancho hates himself too. He might be getting good grades, but he is secretly embarrassed about his enormous scrotum. Trust me – you don’t want to be Chancho.

James Hazelden

Chris’ Answer

I often wish that I was someone else. However, if you’re going to wish to be someone else, make it someone awesome like Stephen Hawking. Imagine the grades you would get if you were Stephen Hawking. And Chancho would be jealous of your grades, and also your motorised wheelchair and voice synthesis. Awesome.


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Bad Grades – New Identity