Another Tall Girl

November 1st, 2003

“Hi, I’m only 15 and 6′ 2.5″ tall. Am I too tall, and where can I find guys taller than I am?”

Sandra K

Liam’s Answer

6′ 2.5″ is tall. But it’s not freakishly tall. It’s a long way off being in the Guinness Book of Records. Unless you try to enter as the World’s Shortest Giant, I suppose.

The thing to remember is that every one is the same height lying down. Except for really fat people, obviously. And there are some guys who really like tall girls. So, it’s not like you’ll be lonely forever.

The best place to find tall guys is obvious: Freak shows.

Hang around the Jim Rose Freak Show and ask Jim to try to hook you up. If he doesn’t have a giant on staff, he’ll know one. And if he doesn’t he’ll know a short one who can dislocate every bone in his body, and lie 6″ longer than he’s tall.

Chris’ Answer

I’ve heard that basketballers are very tall. Perhaps try your local basketball court. Failing that, why not make a tall man by gluing one small man to another small mans shoulders.

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Another Tall Girl