Addicted to Facebook

July 23rd, 2008

“Help me!! I am addicted to facebook! I’m not getting any work done and pissing off all my friends by sending them application requests and stupid quizzes, but I just can’t help myself!!”

Benji Putharam

Gavins Answer

I recommend getting some Facebookabate patches from the chemist.

You just stick them on your arm and they do absolutely nothing. They do however take 6 hours to peel off again which should satisfy your craving for wasting time and achieving nothing without the problem of annoying your friends.

Good Luck

Gavin Baskerville

Vayas Answer

Look, as long as you can minimise a page really quickly at work, you’re fine. If you think your colleagues are getting any work done, you’re mistaken. They’ve got a scrabulous game open underneath that spreadsheet.

And hey, if a friend arcs up over a bit of harmless application spam, I have one word for you: DELETE. A true friend will support you in your endeavour to discover which Golden Girl you are most like.

Vaya Pashos

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Addicted to Facebook