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November 6th, 2009
the birds hitchcock Twitter Tweets

The Birds - A classic Hitchcock horror, or a terrible premonition of Twitter's 140-character deluge of commentry and trending topics?

Since being burnt when we bought ten Betamax Video Recorders in the 1980s, the good folk of GORSKYS.COMedy have resisted the urge to jump onboard the latest fad.

But we’re also a fan of keeping things short and sweet, so Twitter seems a logical bandwagon to jump on.

But sadly we’ve run out of characters.

Please follow @gorskyscomedy on Twitter and enjoy our erratic updates in 140 characters.

We’ll also inform you when the GORSKYS.COMedy is updated, and maybe become famous for abusing some celebrity. Who knows?


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Twitter Tweets

  1. For the creme de la crope of literature, reduced to twitter entries, look for a book called ‘Twitterature’.

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    Dan [09/08/2010]