Academy Award® Blues For Gorsky

March 1st, 1999

Kate Winslet, would-be Titanic star Chris Tomkins, and Kathy Bates discuss Tomkins' sea-sickness with director James Cameron.

It was a sad night last Tuesday for Chris Tomkins of the Gorskys. The six-time self-nominated Academy Award nominee was forced to spend the night watching the 70th Academy Awards on the TV in his Berwick home.

“I wrote to them three times asking if I could go, but they never replied. I even asked nicely… the first time,” Tomkins said.

Tomkins was originally chosen to play the part of Jack Dawson in James Cameron’s Titanic, following the success of the Australian actors Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe in the Hollywood blockbuster L.A. Confidential.

However, after shooting only a few scenes, Tomkins resigned and was replaced by the Hollywood Heart-throb, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“It was a tough decision,”said Tomkins, “I hadn’t even got to the nude scene with Kate Winslet. But if I heard that Celine Dion song one more time, I was going to jump ship myself!”

Hollywood sources have told Toasted Line that the real reason Tomkins was replaced was he spent most of the time throwing up from sea-sickness.

“We spent a $100 million waiting for him to stop puking after lunch. I’ve got to admire how much he got into the part – we weren’t even on a boat,” said one insider.

Since the resignation Hollywood have entirely covered up the scandal, but GORSKYS.COMedy is proud to present exclusive pictures of Tomkins performance.

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Academy Award® Blues For Gorsky