Alternatives To ‘The Shower Project’

June 1st, 2000

Liam Cody in his own private Shower Project

You’ve heard of the Shower Project, where a bloke won a bet to shower with 100 women. He’s got 100 photos of himself in the shower with 100 different women.

Of course, he cheated, and some photos are ‘coming soon’. But that’s not the point.

We’ve turned our mind to some other great Project ideas.

  • The Sour Project – eat 100 lemons in the shower
  • The Flower Project – get nude with 100 flowers
  • The Flour Project – shower with 100 cakes
  • The Tower Project – be photographed in front of 100 man-made erections
  • The Dour Project – be photographed with 100 bitter old men
  • The Cower Project – be beaten to submission be 100 gangsta rappers
  • The Power Project – be photographed with 100 power poles
  • The Power Project II – shower with 100 hair-dryers
  • The Trowler Project – Use 100 different cement trowels on a single brick
  • The Growler Project – Shower with 100 different vicious dogs
  • The Prowler Project – Photograph 100 different women through their bathroom windows.

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Alternatives To ‘The Shower Project’