Does your Wiki leak?

December 7th, 2010

Julian Assange... Public enemy number one? Or ageing member of an 80's pop band? You be the judge!

Wikileaks. It doesn’t sound so scary, but it certainly has US government officials wetting their pants.

The release of these “cablegate” documents has turned many outspoken politicians into cautious diplomats as everyone scrambles to remember what the hell they actually said in those communications.

Some juicy information has already been discovered and what else is yet to be revealed in those secret documents? Have aliens made contact? Could Bill Clinton really play the sax? Was Michael Jackson ever actually black?

So this month The Gorskys will be revealing a series of conspiracies that will make politicians, b-grade celebrities and global brands tremble in their socks.

We present Gorsky-gate (or Leaky.Comedy – whatever)…

  • In 2008 it took 3 weeks and 14 economists to explain to George W Bush that you could not actually see a “housing bubble” and the GFC was not caused by “some damn democrat with a pin”.
  • Aliens made contact in 2007 but were accidentally put through to an unspecified telecommunications company customer support line, kept on hold for 3 hours and then lost to the accounts department.
  • Nickelback were created by the CIA to try to destroy the music industry.
  • iPhones were actually developed by large energy companies to keep people using to the power grid regularly.
  • James Cameron was witnessed stealing secret documents from the Blue Man group in the time leading up to the production of Avatar.
  • Fox news was unbiased for 7 seconds on November 10, 2009. This was quickly rectified with a barrage of hate and misinformation lasting over 12 months until the 2010 midterm elections and beyond.
  • North Korea just wants to be loved.

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Does your Wiki leak?