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Sunday June 26, 2011
Dear Blog

Final Cut Pro X… WTF Apple? It’s all very well to be cutting edge and try to reinvent perfection, but to suddenly drop a dramatically changed version of a Pro application and expect everyone to just hop on board is an amazingly arrogant thing to do.

What is even more arrogant, is to completely ignore the people who are making a living using your application. This is how I earn my income. There are rumors that you will be making it more pro friendly, but you yourselves haven’t said a f*cking thing about it.

So what do I do? Wait and see if these rumors are true and slowly watch the only usable version of the software I legitimately bought and upgraded become obsolete? I have edited hundreds of projects on a piece of software that, if I upgrade, will be unopenable. Thats a pretty scary prospect.

Plus, if I upgrade to your new software, I’m going to have stop taking paid work while I learn how to use it, and indeed, if it will actually suffice for what I need to do.

But you’re not giving anything away. No hints. No statements. Just arrogant silence, refusing to answer the enraged editors everywhere who are facing the difficult decision of moving to a new software package – either by you or your competitors.

I really like you Apple. I really like your products, your philosophy and your software. But your attitude is becoming more and more unbearable as you seem to believe you know best. Well you obviously don’t, because you are about to make me lose thousands of dollars in income and make me take time off to transition to something new.

As far as I’m concerned, if I have to do that, I may as well do it with someone like Avid who probably respect and listen to their users.

No love.


Wednesday 6th October, 2010

Dear Blog,

Don’t you hate spam? I certainly hate spam. Currently I’m being spammed by a man who is running for congress. His name is Van Tran and he will not leave me alone.  I have tried unsubscribing from his emails using his unsubscribe link, which doesn’t work. I have tried mailing him through his website. I have even twittered (@joinvantran). To no avail.

Today I reported him to SPAM-CAN and the FTC. Hopefully they will do something about it because before too long I will lose my cool and deal with him the only way I know how – scatheing satire.

Watch out, Van Tran, you naughty man.


Saturday 24th October, 2009

Dear Blog

My apologies for the lack of updates this year. Truth is, I’ve been more focused on updating the site to be more 2000’s friendly. Hopefully this will be done soon and more regular updates can come along.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on two other projects… The romantic comedy short Pisces, ARISE!, and the haunting ethereal short Rain for Morgan. Please check em out.



Tuesday 2nd September, 2008

Dear Blog

You know that song by Australian Rockers, Thirsty Merc? 20 Good Reasons – it goes a bit like this…

“So tell me why should I let you go? / Give me 20 good reasons / I need to know”

Here’s 20 Good Reasons Thirsty Merc should let me go.

1. You’re obviously a crazy stalker. Why do I need to justify myself to a crazy stalker?

2. I don’t like being trapped.

3. It is illegal to imprison someone.

4. It is immoral to imprison someone and make them justify their own escape.

5. I’m losing circulation to my hands where you’ve tied them up.

6. No band ever won an ARIA from prison.

7. I need to get home for tea.

8. Just because.

9. I don’t like this game anymore.

10. You are denying me my human rights.

11. Cos you keep singing this song at me.

12. My family will be concerned for my welfare.

13. I like another Australian band better.

14. You will feel bad about this later.

15. I can’t play this game all day.

16. Someone will notice I’m gone and come for me.

17. I will start to cry.

18. I will miss the start of Dexter.

19. My bum is going numb on this concrete floor.

20. I’ve got a bad heart and need my medicine.



Tuesday 19th August, 2008

Dear Blog

Everybody keeps telling me – “Chris, you need a blog. Do you know how important blogs are to the very fabric of the society in which we live?”

Well, perhaps not everybody. Just my friend Clive, who is a bit of a psychopath when it comes to the internet.

So here it is. A GORSKYS.COMedy first. The Gorskys blog.

Of course, the Gorskys invented blogging. The bloggers you see now were almost certainly not blogging it up in 1997 when the Gorskys started asking their readers to submit suggestions for their articles… Sound familiar? Yep, it’s already a goddamn blog!

While we’re on the subject of firsts, the Gorskys also invented the Vodcast… in a little show called “Cheat Sheet” somewhere in the year 2000 when internet video looked like you were watching television through a dirty window with a childrens telescope while suffering nasty cataracts. But you could subscribe to Cheat Sheet and watch it every week. I give you, the Vodcast.

So Clive, next time you tell me I need a blog, consider this. I am the father of blogs. The blog king. Mr. Blog, if you will.

But yes, I will make a nice little bloggy blog where I can just let it all hang out. If thats what you think would be best.